"The first lesson of commencement" begins

On January 28th, the company held the special safety training of "the first lesson of commencement" in 2023. Leaders of the company and sodium metasilicate business department, and members of the safety committee attended.
At the meeting, the "first lesson of commencement" training was carried out in four aspects, namely, the risk factors of resumption of work after the holiday, accident notification and typical accident cases, main safety management measures for resumption of work, key work and requirements for resumption of work, and all departments were required to pay close attention to all safety work to ensure zero accidents throughout the year.
The meeting pointed out that the training of "the first lesson of commencement" was held this time, focusing on strengthening the safety awareness of all staff, tightening the safety chord at all times, and ensuring that the safety work was safe. At the same time, this meeting is also a mobilization meeting and closing meeting for doing a good job this year. All employees should use their example, style, responsibility, and implementation to achieve the goal of cohesive force and motivation, overcoming difficulties and opening a new chapter through this meeting. All departments should implement the requirements of "the first lesson of commencement" of the Group and the Company and devote themselves to the work of the new year.