Haiwan Chemical summarized and commended the advanced collective and individual in 2022

2022 is an extraordinary year. Over the past year, the company overcame the huge pressure of the epidemic and the market downturn, overcame difficulties and bucked the trend, and made remarkable achievements in party construction, production and operation, project construction, market development, reform and development and other work. The achievement of these achievements embodies the hard work and hard work of the majority of cadres and workers.
In order to commend the advanced, inspire the morale and better complete the tasks in 2023, the company decided to award the title of "outstanding contribution" to four departments including PVC plant in 2022; 12 departments including chlor-alkali plant were awarded the title of "Excellent Collective" in 2022; 13 teams (sections) including the VCM team of the Planning and Control Department were awarded the title of "Excellent Team" in 2022; 17 comrades including Liu Lei were awarded the title of "Excellent Cadre" in 2022; Awarding 10 comrades such as Kong Chao the title of "Top Ten Employees" in 2022; 27 comrades of Mao Wenping were awarded the title of "Top Ten Employee Nominations" in 2022; Lu Shuai and other 168 comrades were awarded the title of "Excellent Employee" in 2022.
It is hoped that the commended advanced collectives and exemplary individual will give full play to their exemplary and leading roles, and will dare to work hard and create new achievements; It is hoped that the majority of cadres and employees will take the advanced as an example, work together and forge ahead bravely, fully complete the 2023 goals and tasks, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the company.