Safety inspection by Chairman Li Ming

On January 5th, Li Ming, Chairman and General Manager of Gulf Group, went to Gulf Chemical for a safety inspection. Accompanied by company leaders.
Chairman Li Ming reviewed the operation status and project progress of the device in detail, put forward requirements for the recent work, emphasized the inspection and management of VCM and other key pump seals, and timely eliminated the hidden trouble. The PVC factory should maintain efficient communication with the sales department, do a good job in customer segmentation, and provide high-quality PVC products to customers. Polystyrene factories should reduce consumption and strictly control production costs while improving product quality. During the construction of subsequent projects, the installation and construction quality shall be strictly controlled to ensure the long-term stable operation of the device after being put into operation. On the premise of ensuring safety, we should accelerate the progress of the project, rely on existing advantages, improve core competitiveness, and accumulate strong momentum for the company's subsequent development.
On January 16, Li Ming, chairman and general manager of Gulf Group, visited the company for safety inspection. Accompanied by company leaders. Chairman Li Ming made arrangements for the recent security work and follow-up development. It is required to do a good job in "four prevention measures in winter" and build a strong safety line. Optimize the layout, make good planning, and adhere to building the first high-end brand in China. Strictly control the quality of component procurement to ensure the continued efficient operation of the device. Grasp action, accelerate the progress of the project, and maintain the development momentum of the company.